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Gardening near the ocean is Your aim? Are you looking for best practices in Your outdoors? Then our December blog is a quick first overview for You. Learn how to control soil erosion, plant the right plants, and protect Your property from wind gusts.     In particular, near the coastline, those living in the...


The very act of connecting seed and land is a success. The return of man to nature and the development of ecological awareness in humans is essential. We do not measure the season by the amount of fruit, but by the amount of love, and that is precisely the one that tamed us and taught us to get rid of anger.


Did you ever wonder if exclusively internationals tent to share a community habitat? Or might the same apply to intercultural gardens housing flowers, trees, and meadows? In this first New Year's blog in 2020, we will reveal more about this exciting lifestyle of the healthy and vital Algarve flora. As a result, gifting us the daily joy we are looking for in our intercultural setting.

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