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ResidentialGolf Resort Stone Garden & House

IT GOT IT ALL! This garden has the latest features in garden design and landscape. Building from scratch, here the chance to install the robotic lawn mower replaces the weekly personal commitment. Wisely selected succulent plants preserve the water and ensure a slim bill. River stones protect the ground from dry out and guide flexibly to the Golf Resort, entering straight from the private gravel path. Golfer’s heaven…

Carvoeiro Golf Resort - Carvoeiro - Portugal
Landscape renovation
Size of plot:
1.380 m2
terrace tiles, natural stone, Calçada, anti-weed matting, river stones, and quality compost soil

Customer expectations with our English clients are primarily to enjoy the minor maintenance in this garden and secondly preserving water for economic reasons. Thirdly, not to forget the pure beauty of a well-manicured green lawn, said and done! To achieve this goal, the garden is divided into several sections – depending on their purpose.

Let’s start with the front yard that used to show a lawn in bad condition. Immediately after the renovation, it stands out using designed curved lines and river stone paths in a sea of succulents. Here the desired effect is the eye-catching garden design that influences the visitors at first glance through its variety of water-saving plants.

Right next to the succulents is the Calçada walkway leading to the elegant panorama section of the site: the inner garden area overlooking the Golf Resort. And that also from the unbeatable front row! Installation of meter high natural stone walls is protecting this living garden from praying eyes. Here we find the lawn again in an unhealthy state that unfortunately could not be saved. Now the only cure is to dig and root out the existing lawn and lay a new lawn.

This allows two separate lawns to convert into one. Finally, the robotic lawn mower comes into action by doing its scheduled circles on an entirely uninterrupted lawn areal with Calçada edging. The adjoining pool completes the sunniest garden area.

What remains is the drip irrigation system for the hedge and fruit trees – which ensures water-saving usage while maintenance is insubstantial compared to the plot size and plant abundance.

Vital Gardens have succeeded to showcase an innovative approach, demonstrating another way of responsible landscape design at this Golfers heaven…

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