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CommercialClube Atlântico Cliff Gardens, One of the Most Popular Resorts in the Algarve

Vital Gardens increased value at Algarve Clube Atlântico luxury villas and apartments resort in Carvoeiro, inviting residents to wind down in the creation of plant splendor Cliff Gardens.

Algarve Clube Atlântico - Portugal
Landscape remodelling
Size of plot:
Natural stone walls, Calçada stone for driveway and walkways, terracotta pots, full automatic irrigation system, anti-weed matting, river stones

This Villa by the cliffs at Clube Atlântico stands from the early 1980s with a complete renovation in 2019. Accordingly, the garden longs for that global upgrade.

Another asset built by the founder’s family Moeller: Clube Atlântico rose to one of the most popular holiday resorts in the Algarve today.

Established plants retain. That is the stunning Phoenix palm trees or well-grown fig trees. Furthermore, the lemon tree, pittosporum, and agave. Then the almond tree, pepper tree, and Hibiscus. It is such an enriching fauna!

Works done here are ground clearance and leveling beforehand. Sections of this garden arise to its fullest potential. In an excellent position, the installation of natural stone walls gives it the Mediterranean touch.

True to that atmosphere goes well the popular Calçada paving. It is standard for driveways and walkways along with the entire premises.

To satisfy the Clube Atlântico residents, we sow the most robust Kikuyu grass for extensive meadows that evergreen. The clear advantage here is the resistance, even during less irrigation.

Preparing the garden area that impresses with river stones as ground cover it requires anti-weed matting as subsoil. The multiple benefits here are firstly ground protection, secondly less maintenance work, and subsequently less irrigation.

Truly the most admirable flowers sprout in this garden. To illustrate plants’ wealth: the Oleander, lavender, Bird-of-paradise, Gaura, and African daisy. Olive trees further enrich the plant splendor. They are providing Mediterranean flora for international inhabitants. Besides the Atlantic view, the plant variety is entirely around with Stipa grass, lantana montevidensis, and similar ground cover plants.

With the full automatic irrigation system, this garden requires medium watering. That includes pop up sprinklers for the grass and drip systems for the plants—moreover, water filters, four electric valves, pipes, connections, and a controlling computer.

Garden upgrade by the Atlantic.

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