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ResidentialSucculent Garden on the Stone Terraces

Popular natural stone terraces give the property this intentionally created recognition value. Essentially making this a stand out estate low on maintenance costs...
Vale de Milho - Carvoeiro - Portugal
Landscape,Build complete from scratch
Size of plot:
1.250 m2
natural stone, Calçada, anti-weed matting, river stones, quality ground soil

Southern Living offers new possibilities to layout your garden passionately and accent with artistic color drops that frame your property elegantly and sophisticatedly. The fatty and juicy appearing succulents could not be wiser arranged other than in the stylish Algarve garden.

Succulents come with two advantages; firstly, they are water and heat resistant, secondly low on maintenance. So we fuse the client’s wish to economically maintain the picture-perfect beauty of his garden while highlighting the latest fashion trends in sustainable landscape design.

The magnificent Vale de Milho Vila resides top hill, overlooking the widths of the valleys. The plot of land is as hilly as the surrounding and calls for a well-thought-out concept to provide a functional and coherent southern outdoor living habitat. The entrance and driveway are designed generously with Calçada to welcome guests befitting. To enrich the majesty of this Vila, the traditional southern stone terraces were carried out by heavy equipment.

The building of a new garden repeatedly transforms the estate into a construction site. Without going into action including professional and specialized heavy mechanics and devices; it would not be possible to effectively redesign a garden.

So often clients try hard-working and meticulously to create by hands only and plenty invested time their desired outdoor space, up to a point shown results do not nearly satisfy primarily set visions.

Experienced landscapers such as the team of Vital Gardens, pay off clearly, by bringing know-how combined with fabulous outcomes to the table in no time.

Completed this dry garden with succulent terraces, an irrigation system is not necessary; however, the client’s aspire to the harvest of his fruit trees planted strategically near the kitchen entrance was facilitated with the installation of a drip irrigation system. The elegant river stones on top of the anti-weed matting serve well as ground cover solutions and flatter the overall picture of this stand out premises.

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