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ResidentialCarvoeiro Club Garden Restoration

Vital Gardens efficiently creates this spacious family-friendly garden by responding to the German couple's wishes: to enjoy their side in school holidays with kids, and apart as representative holiday rentals for families & tourists.

Carvoeiro Club - Carvoeiro - Portugal
Landscape remodeling / renovation
Size of plot:
2.830 m2
Natural stone, full automatic irrigation system, river stones, and pine mulch

The Carvoeiro Club garden restoration execute by Vital Gardens for the private family home. The establishment of the Carvoeiro Club private residences dates back from the early ’80s. As a matter of fact, from the founder’s family, Moeller. Our family was aiming to provide high-quality leisure time to families and visitors alike. According to nature’s laws, the fauna grew together over many years as a garden in aging.

Therefore these premises longed for a fresh start. The starting point here: a vast plot which is seemingly almost limitless, gifting inhabitants broad horizons. Considering this, it is giving the impression of a park that will become happy when well-groomed. Similarly, the entrance area resembles a palm avenue providing the impression of spaciousness and Mediterranean grandeur.

In this remodeling project, the CenterPoint is the generous lawn area. The purpose is for the kids to play free of care. Besides, it comes convenient for the parents to oversee the entire field from inside the house. The lawn’s frames are the exotic oleander hedge, palm trees, and olive trees.

Moreover, the authentic pepper tree provides the spiciness. Decorative elements such as Pennisetum, gaura, pampas grass, and lantana facilitate a whole harmonious feel. For one thing, the Garden redesign in the Carvoeiro Club brings new impulses. It attracts contemporary visitors, for example. While on the other hand, it fulfills the expectations of the family and paying holiday tourists alike.

In sum, this proven garden and house win-win situation goes well hand in hand at the Carvoeiro Club garden restoration.

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