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ResidentialWater-Saving Stone Garden Including a Swimming Pond

Combining the two fun water features in one originally designed garden showcases the Mediterranean look to the maximum.

Caramujeija - Lagoa Portugal
Landscaping, Complete from scratch
Size of plot:
Natural stone, Gravel white & grey, 270gramm/m2 geotextile matting

The client’s satisfaction begins with clear visions that are turned into vivid reality when creating gardens. In this case, water-saving stone garden features. Combined with extravagant water features on two levels: the pool and swimming pond.

Such a vital highlight takes this garden to a whole new category of hedonism. First, the bone structure of that given plot is positioned almost entirely on the hillside, hindering the owners from realizing its full potential at first sight.

On the whole, the water-saving stone garden with the wealthy feel.

The stable soil and ground preparation here is essential. It fills and prepares the plot and turns the steep hillside into attractive garden levels ready to use for the next steps.

After creating the different levels alongside the pool and swimming pond, we start paving the areas around the pool with natural stones. Simultaneously, the sloped driveway gets its grey & white gravel stones for that classy Mediterranean look.

All in all, the client’s wish is to enjoy a low maintenance garden. Thus, installing a fully automatic irrigation drip system is water saving compared to the outdated shower sprinklers.

With this in mind, the selection of exotic plants that harmonize well with the stone garden concept is significant. The planting process includes Queen Palms, olive trees, gaura, Pennisetum, strelitzia, etc., especially adding value to its property.

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