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ResidentialGarden Design to Live all Year Round in Carvoeiro!

Our clients are a young family looking for everyday ornamental surroundings at home, a mastered know-how.

Carvoeiro - Lagoa Portugal
Garden construction:
Jan L. Steenken
Garden design:
Tijana Bogdanović
Landscape design and estate planning, Landscaping, Complete from scratch
Size of plot:
2.600 m ²
Natural stones and blocks, Basalt gravel Ø 5-10 cm, River stones Ø 2-3 cm, Calçada, high-quality wood

Garden design and estate planning for our international clients with two young girls, that’s how we start this fabulous family home. In the freshness of the all year round garden, we create and maintain a theme garden fulfilling all wishes. Designing the space and bringing it alive according to the needs of our clients is our passion.

Would You like to create and build Your new garden just as You ever imagined?

If Your answer is yes, then let us congratulate You. You are in the right spot.

Let us realize your garden too. We will help You set Your outdoor goals, get started, and accomplish all You ever wanted from Your garden.

Beautify every day with Your stunning outdoors!

Our teams have created one all-encompassing outdoors on over two thousand square meters of green space.

1. Preparation phase:

⦿ Garden design and estate planning, according to:

– location, solar radiation, wind directions, benefits & usability

⦿ Installation of a common subsurface:

– 70 tons of mother earth and soil

⦿ 120 m ³ of earthworks, 50 tons of precious basalt gravel as ground cover for planted areal of 550 m ², and 50 tones river stones for precise work to meet the requirements of such an encompassing plot

⦿ Installation and preparation of drainages and retaining walls

⦿ Building 30 tons of natural stone blocks for leveling

⦿ Laying of artificial turf 380 m ² around the XL pool

2. Planting phase:

⦿ Planting of a small orchard next to the terrace for at hand to pick from juicy:

– Pears, plums, figs, apples, grapefruit, etc.

⦿ The clever planting of tall tropical palm trees overlooking the sea view looks like paradise

⦿ With heavy-duty machinery and JCB planting of almost 20 trees, stems, half stems, and varieties as well as  250 white oleanders living hedge

⦿ Planting trees, shrubs, and grasses

⦿ Symmetrical planting of aged olive trees with a stone wall around the trees

3. Walkways, paths, and stoneworks:

⦿ Two rectangular tailor-made raised stone beds 1*2 m for herbs & salads near the kitchen

⦿ Two triangle tailor-made raised stone beds 3*3*3 m for veggies & fruits

⦿ Installations of 140 m ² walkway in Calçada stone

⦿ Water source with natural stone ornaments

4. Landscape enhancements:

⦿ ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT Creation of a 25 m ² tailor-made and innovative girls’ playground manufactured of high-quality wood

⦿ Want to keep fit? The build-in trampoline Ø 3,80 m in front of your home-office makes sure You do!

⦿ Or do You like to take active breaks? Try Your Golf tee and net cage with a sea view

⦿ Living in the golfers’ heavens, Carvoeiro, You might be interested to play at Your private mini-golf course 100 m ²

⦿ Outdoor seating with five made to measure sweeping sun sails:

– East and west terrace each two triangle sails; and one large-scale square-sail by the pool

⦿ Jacuzzi by the pool

⦿ The great fully automatic intelligent irrigation system of the latest Hunter® generation

⦿ Smart home garden lighting for:

– Entrance, driveway, pathways, trees, housewall, decorative plants

⦿ Do You fancy Your privacy? With fencing of 100 m ensured

⦿ Do you love to welcome Your visitors in style? 60 m long Bamboo hedge for the outside fence with precious basalt gravel serves ideally

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