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CommercialResidentialBenagil Cliff Garden

Location reveals this hidden gem right by the Benagil Cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, just a wave away from best views. Ideal garden for holidaymakers, created to be rented out most of the year.
Benagil Cliffs - Carvoeiro - Portugal
Landscape, Build from scratch
Size of plot:
480 m2
ground soil, natural stone, artificial grass, small pool with pump, timber decking, led light system, geotextile, river-stones

Cozy and incredibly smart comes this petit Benagil cliff garden. Overwhelming pleasing, it overlooks the bright blue of Algarve Atlantic entirely.

This Benagil cliff garden concept has recognition value: with two advantages. Firstly, creating an environment that will please paying holidaymakers throughout the year. While secondly enjoying as the owner a view weeks for personal use. Further, as water is a scarce recourse, the client’s wish is to maintain the irrigation low, just like the gardening.

Here we are going to outlay the garden construction process step by step:

  1. Land clearance and leveling the floor-area with heavy-duty equipment.
  2. The installation of natural stones for the decorative property line is in concrete construction.
  3. The round above ground pool with a pump we install strategically, over-seeing the Atlantic.
  4. With the installation of timber decking, the garden acts as an ultimate eye-catcher and comes across more elegantly.
  5. To nourish the plant’s vegetation and bring growth in the earth, we put quality compost soil into the topsoil.
  6. Two steps are next for an artificial lawn, installing a base beforehand and then the artificial lawn roll-out.
  7. Planting water-resistant and highly decorative rich fauna such as phormium, gaura, and the olive tree. Wisteria & jasmine climber along the rocks. Bird-of-paradise, gaura, and lavender around the Pool. Finally, white oleander hedge, Tulbaghia, and Stipa grass. Plus, even edible kitchen herbs.
  8. To make things easier, the installation of a fully automatic irrigation system waters the plants.
  9. An absolute highlight at night is the installation of an accentuating led light system!
  10. Geotextile is permeable to water and serves as a building material to protect against erosion and weed growth.
  11. Lastly, to preserve and finish-off the soil, we install river stones as a groundcover.

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