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May 2020, what better period to make use of the momentum this spring and start enhancing your landscape, thus increasing value to your property? The purpose of today’s blog is to show you five reliable methods, on how landscaping can increase your home value. We talk about several ten-thousands of Euros that add instant value to your property only through landscape design.


How landscaping increases property values? Firstly, let’s take a closer look at the ultimate goals for your property. Are you going to refresh the property and sell profitably as a short-term investment? Or are you and your family going to spend most of your leisure time at home while taking advantage of your garden? Moreover, you may even plan on sublet your property to tourists?


  1. In any case, you should initially have a strategy for your landscape design. Each property has its attractions, outstanding features, and sadly even limitations. However, the carefully prepared landscape design should take all advantages and weaknesses of your property into consideration. Put particularly all your needs, expectations, and financial means in advance on paper. That will spare you many headaches afterward and help you to visualize your goal.


Especially properties in the Algarve require a perfectly manicured garden with a landscape design that pays off financially. Thus since most homeowners relocate to sunny Algarve for climate and lifestyle reasons. Traditionally, this region is internationally popular with property owners, second homeowners, and holidaymakers alike. In other words, the landscaping project will be a financial reward in many cases. Better add value to the property by landscaping on time.


  1. Add biodiversity to your garden! Nothing is more appealing than the abundance and diversity of nature. As an illustration, the tropical Palm-trees, meter high Bird-of-paradise, and ancient appearing Olive-trees are just a few to name. Besides the exotic touch, each plant has its benefit. Decide to give it a try with the royal pine tree or hedges that serve well as shade solutions or view protection. Similar positive contributors are fruits donating trees such as the pomegranate and orange. Naturally, therefore the home’s property values rise significantly.


Pleasant ambient
  1. Make sure to have a pleasant ambient between your home and garden. This method is the key to successful landscape design and appears self-evident at first glance. We mention just a few examples. Suppose you don’t plan enough terrace space around your house or sparsely design transitions into your garden. In that case, the connection between indoors and outdoors won’t be harmonious. Or allowing overgrown plants to prevent the shining of daylight onto your estate — don’t be surprised to reduce the value of your property. The advantage of such an approach is the combination of the home’s initial price, supported by the type of landscaping that fits well. This way, you can easily add, on average, 10 percent to the value of your property with a well-landscaped garden.


Outdoor high-lights
  1. Define your outdoor high-lights — the most sought-after spots in your garden! To demonstrate the property’s value, many landscape designers target your garden’s most worthwhile corners to create the attraction, which ultimately increases your property’s value. Swimming pool, garden kitchen, outdoor lounge, and most significantly, a perfectly trimmed lawn sells your property in no time to prospective buyers or tenants. What is more to be desired?


Add color
  1. Add color while minimizing the garden maintenance. How does one imagine an ideal garden? First, and foremost colorful, green, lush, and relaxing, isn’t it? Essentially, this suggests finding the optimal combination of easy to care and happy plants. In particular, flowers bring in the dynamic you are looking for outdoors. The bright red hibiscus, vivid purple bougainvillea, or the oleander available in many colors adds instant extra value to your property with simple means. In short, colors enrich your garden project.


As noted above, landscaping is one of those property enhancements that can add ten-thousands Euros to your property’s value. It is one of the few home improvements you can make that add value immediately and increase in value as the years go by in your ownership!


Here you saw the summary of the five most common methods on how landscaping increases property values. Starting early on with the landscape design will achieve the desired results faster and more profitable. Start now to add value to the property by landscaping.


Vital Gardens – We don’t cut corners to maximize our profit; in contrast, we maximize your profit by adding value to your property.

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