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GardeningHeavenly gardens of the Algarve – charming scenery at the Atlantic

07/04/2020by VitalGardens

Designing your garden is a way to create a space that reflects your personality. It offers you, and your family, friends and visitors a high-level of comfort. That’s what’s so appreciated, especially in southern countries.

The jewel on the Atlantic, our popular Algarve offers an ideal retreat for the numerous second-home owners from mostly Germany, the United Kingdom, or the Benelux countries. Whether relaxation oasis, or space for self-realization – especially the outer area of the house serves well for the paradise garden.

There are many creative ideas that you can bring in that achieve a great effect without high expenditure. The creation of a modern, beautiful garden does not require much time and effort. In fact, contemporary gardens from glossy magazines can be created thanks to creative landscape designers who use materials and plants that are easy to combine and, above all, environmentally friendly.

First, think about what area you have and what you want to use it for. Do you have a large garden and do you enjoy spending time in your garden? Determine what you want from your garden and what functions you want to have. Here are some ideas on how to create your garden to love.

The finesse in the use of the ground cover and the surface layer ensures a great visual effect. If you have unused space in your garden or a piece of bare earth you want to cover up, using recycled material is a great solution. Create a mosaic of your choice. Pebble, for example, is easy to maintain and durable. Use gravel in places where plants do not thrive, where you have problems with soil drying or where an architecturally modern appearance is required.

To increase the contrast, moss, or clover (obviously only the four-leaves for the luck in your house and garden) is recommended between the joints. Another excellent option to enhance the senses in your garden is to create an aromatic way using perfumed honeysuckle, lemons, or flowering thyme. These plants are easy to care for, edible and fragrant. Surely this is one of the finest ways to be greeted on the way home.

Pots in your garden are another modern way to decorate your garden, by painting the pots in strong colors. If you use terracotta pots, place them in water for one hour before painting.

If you want to freshen up your garden, change the use of various household items, old chairs, tables and plants with flowers. This gives your garden depth with dimension and serves as visual eye-catcher. Do you want a noble-looking garden for an effective appearance? Use ornamental grass.

The combination of grasses gives your garden texture, color, and a modern look. Decorative grass makes your landscape look beautiful and high quality. To complete the backdrop of your garden, try using corrugated steel, old objects, and old copper to skillfully put a unique feature in your garden.

One of the easiest starting points is adding unexpected materials to your fence or wall in the garden and is used to recycle materials that are otherwise devalued.

Start letting your creativity run wild and try to beautify your garden with the listed landscape design ideas. We are happy to help Vital Gardens.

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