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GardeningHealthy garden in the Algarve – useful tips for your well being

07/03/2020by VitalGardens

Little we know, our garden can be used just like a pharmacy. Sometimes, it just comes handy to step into your garden and pick the right ingredient from your tree, instead of driving up to the medical center for cure. In today’s society, the chemical solutions seem to be SO overpowering, while natural aid is ready to hand. Just have a wise look into your garden. With our suggesting blog, we are about to remind ourselves of the “grandmother’s natural secrets…”

“Why reach in the distance, when the good is so close yet?” 

Our Algarve is the best supplier for natural antibiotics, homeopathic means, and even little wonders. The Citrus Lemon, did you know, is natural assistance with the regulation of your insulin resistance. The yellow berry is playing a central role through the regulation of the PH Value in Your body, thus assisting to bring your metabolism in balance. The list of positive contributions of Vitamin C to your immune system is long, here to remind you just a view:


  • through the fruit acid it has a detoxifying effect on the intestine;
  • it “wakes”Your eyes up by lightening the dark circles when applied frequently;
  • or in homeopathic treatment for bleeding gums;
  • NOT to forget the approved hot lemon.

A miracle tree not only happens in your dreams but also in the vivid Algarve garden. The Ricinus communis is known for the curative effects: it gets the bowels moving and stimulates the appetite. The unfamiliar taste left aside, the Ricinus oil mentioned as healing medication long before Jesus Christ. The genus dwarf poinsettia feels at home in the Algarve climate and bears the Ricinus seed several times per year. Ricinus-oil can be cold-pressed from it. The valuable seed is widely used in cosmetics for a skin firming effect, or in homeopathy against diarrhea. Since it feels well in our climate zone, it grows uncomplicated and fast. As it likes the sun, it can soon serve as a natural shade provider, with beautiful bushy flowers.

The barberry, Berberis Vulgaris, has besides its healing effects exceptionally decorative yellow blossoms in spring and bright red berries throughout fall. As national medicine, the barberry is known for a variety of application areas such as antibacterial, anti-arrhythmical in case of cardiac arrhythmia, strong rheumatic cure, inflammation of the joints, or gout, kidney and gall bladder that is consequently curing back pain.

Also, the root of the Berberry Vulgaris applied for coloring of various materials such as wool or leather. As kitchen ingredient, it gives meat, fish and rice dishes a tasty boost and can be added to salads or to make jam out of the fruit.

Only those suggested three plants can make such a difference in our Algarve garden and daily routine. Imagine how much more well-being your garden has to offer. The good is yet so near, for those that can see and make use of it. When you are ready to enrich your garden with healing powers of nature, you will surely find countless plant types for your garden. By that, you can not only improve the quality of life, and maintain the flora, rather your health. Nature cures, right at your doorstep…

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